About Us

The purpose of the Association is to seek to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood on issues related to land use, environmental protection, public services, crime prevention and safety, and preservation of the unique character of the community; and to provide support in other matters of neighborhood concern. The Association actively promotes participation by its members in the civic life of the City and County. The objectives of the Association are to:

  • Represent and advance the common interests of residents in the neighborhood.
  • Encourage the City to enforce codes, ordinances and laws whose violation degrades the quality of life in the neighborhood.
  • Establish standing and special committees to investigate and make recommendations to the Association on all matters of neighborhood concern.
  • Promote the adequate maintenance of dwellings and yards.
  • Establish mutual protection and safety.
  • Maintain safe neighborhood and surrounding streets through traffic control and enforcement.
  • Educate residents regarding options for dealing with code, ordinance and law violations that impact their property.
  • Promote sound zoning and land use decisions that serve to preserve the beauty, character and attractiveness of our neighborhood.

(FHHHNA Association Bylaws | Download the Adobe Reader)